Sound Designs

Sound designer for Boca Del Lupo Theatre The Suicide, Vancouver 2004
- One Down..., Vancouver 2008
- My Dad, My Dog, Vancouver 2007
- The Suicide, Vancouver 2004 (co-production with San Banquito Teatro, Mexico)
- involved sound design, foley for cartoon, voice work, collaboration

Sound designer in collaborative project, Cross Dream Traffic, Sonic Arts Research Centre, 2008
- Involved collaborative creation of unique sound design software and techniques on orignial performance work

Sound designer assistant for Soulpepper production The Time of Your Life, Toronto, 2007

Sound researcher and designer for an installation project with Irene F. Whittome 2003-04
- Site recordings of various quarries in Magog region, Quebec.
- Used recordings for sound design of Ellipse 10/19 in Conversations Adru exhibition,
Bishop’s University May 2004

Sound designer for Soulfishing Theatre production One Small Step Sideways, Montreal 2003
- Involved working with actors on voice work, site-recordings, recordings with musicians, composing, Foley, editing and mastering sound for performance

Sound for Evanescent four channel sound design for two-channel video, 2002

Sound for Emporter du Naufrage four channel sound design for dance piece, 2001
- Collaboration with dancer on original dance piece

Music Coordinator for Teseri Dunyia Theatre’s production of Off the Shelf, Montreal 2001
- Involved voice work with actors, composition and performance on guitar, piano and percussion for the production