Musician performed solo and with various musicians and poets mostly in the Montreal area but also Belfast, Edmonton, Toronto and St. Catharines. Also performed in various theatrical productions. Instruments include: desktop, laptop, trombone, guitar, voice, didgereedoo, found instruments, midi instruments, live processing, etc.

Ostara live 4-channel outdoor performance with Zen Nakamura and David Payant, 2004

Diffused some of my compositions a number of times at Concordia EUCUE concerts and other venues around Concordia, 2001-2003
- systems varied from 15 – 24 speakers
- also assisted in setup and take-down of systems

Sounds of Edmonton Live processing multi-channel soundscape performance based on soundwalk recording of West Edmonton Mall. Performed at the Fly Bar in Edmonton, 2002

Sonage de Promo 4.1 Live processing multi-channel soundscape performance using sounds of the SAT (Montreal). Performed during PROMO 4.1, 2002
- I placed a microphone in the lounge of the SAT and a stereo pair of microphones outside the SAT facing the street. The sound from these three microphones was manipulated and transformed to create the performance which was on 10-channels

Actor in various small productions in Vancouver as part of Simon Fraser University course work, amateur theatre and semi-professional theatre